How do you measure friendship?

How do you measure friendship?

Do you have a personal grid line?

I used to think that time is the most important factor in measuring a friendship, that the friends I know for a long time are more friends or more important than new ones.

These days I changed my mind. I think that intense moments shared together are more significant when it comes to measuring or giving a certain importance to your friendship with someone. You may be above the highest Heaven there is, but when you fall into the deepths of Hell, you’ll see them standing next to you. You’ll feel their constant presence. You’ll feel their kind words just like medicine against the burns on your skin and heart.

Time and friends help you most  to get through rough times. I consider myself lucky to have you. Thanks friends.




One thought on “How do you measure friendship?

  1. I don’t know why people let “time” to decide a lot of things,indeed the intensity makes thing more or less important.

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