What are our words worth?

I wrote on my former blog a post about promises and even though that was a couple of years ago the question are still the same, still with no answer.

What are our words worth? Why in the name of…whoever you want, don’t we think of all possibilities when we make a promise?

I don’t like to make promises, if I don’t know for sure that I’ll keep them. It hurts when you see so many people go around and throwing with promises to the left and to the right. Once committed we should give more than our best to keep our word, to not let people down. I think it’s more important to show people that even though it’s been hard, you made it. We can’t expect from others always the same  appreciation, admiration, respect, consideration…if we’re not willing to do something in return. What should we be appreciated for? Just for looking cute? I don’t think so..

I know things change in time. It’s the way of life, nothing can last forever. But there’s another word I like to use lately:  fight.

I feel as if most of us have forgotten how to fight. Life’s not only flowers and honey. Luck only knocks at the door in fairy-tales  or not even there. Most fairy-tales are made off a battle between the good and bad and there’s always a happy ending. What are we supposed to get out of our lives if we don’t fight our battles? If we just give up, blaming fate for everything that happens (for a reason). It’s not always this case, but let’s admit it, we’ve become pretty cozy. Please don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying there should be more people going to war, I was talking about another kind of battles.

Bottom point? Want something? Decide if you really want it and then take the road towards it. We can’t obtain anything without sacrificing something in return. At least that’s what I know about life on this Earth so far. If you know different, don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

Good night, readers.


If only



6 thoughts on “What are our words worth?

  1. Sometimes is better to step away and take a breath from the battle. You may realize that in the end you don’t really want what you were fighting for and you’r just lousing time fighting…

  2. People may make promise without knowing what will happen further,we do that because we are not perfect and maybe because sometimes we are selfish..it’s sad that other can suffer because of this,but you must stay calm and wave 😉

    1. I agree with you on the fact that people are too selfish sometimes, including me. And as you said…unfortunately we’re not perfect, we make mistakes and hopefully we’ll learn from them 😉

  3. Is it that tenacity and consistency are unglamorous, but underrated? I certainly prefer to roll up my sleeves and work hard towards something, than to aimlessly drift (nothing’s more disheartening than that). The trick is to find out what you want to work towards.

    1. I guess they become more and more underrated.
      I’m not totally against drifting, from time to time it’s okay to just let yourself go…but it is also important to have a purpose…and as you said, to find out what you want to work towards 🙂

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