Black and White didn’t fit us!

There’s no doubt that in any moment our life’s can change completely.We evolve and we grow but at some point it’s time to end a road and take another one. It’s like the book of our life, only the pages that are ahead are blank, our footsteps are the ink.

It’s up to us which road we take next or if we wish to stay where we are a little longer. Chapter endings, like any ending, can be hard, but before we move on we need to find closure, to prepare our soul for a fresh start. That doesn’t mean that we’ll erase all our memories just because they remind us of our past. Memories, bitter or sweet, belong to us, they are a part of us. They are the proof that we were happy sometime ago or that we’re happy now.

Write the pages of your life with enthusiasm. Open the windows of your soul, let the sun rays in, to heal the wounds, to warm the heart.

Allow yourself to build a new dream.

day 110

This photograph (Day 110 -Quote by Mary McCarthy) is part of a 365 Days of Photography Project I had going on.

You can see all the photos here:


2 thoughts on “Black and White didn’t fit us!

  1. Sometimes,we let others write to much in our life book’s,some times an other person ends the story for us…But you are right,we have to write with enthusiast,because someone might learn something new!

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