Have you ever thought of nature as a religion?

I was driving today back to my hometown. It was around 8pm, clouds were rolling in…dangerous clouds, layers of clouds. I didn’t had my DSLR with me, only a small film camera. As I was driving I kept thinking where should I make a stop to take a few shots, then I remember that at some point I need to cross a bridge, couldn’t tell you know how high, maybe 8meters, I don’t know…anyway, it’s a high point so it offers a pretty beautiful view on the fields sorrounding it. So I stopped there, took my camera and started to take photos…the sun was just coming out from behind a few clouds, amazing moment. It didn’t last long. I turned around and I couldn’t believe what my eyes where seeing. Far, in the distance mountain peeks were visible. And again, layers of mountains. Of course they looked quite small, couldn’t even see them on my camera, but still visible to the eye. Those mountains are not that far away from where I live, maybe 130km, but I have never seen such view from here. I didn’t knew it was possible. The sight was truly overwhelming. Isn’t it wonderful how nature offers us such diversity, it definetely made my day. 

Getting back on the way home, looking to the west and seeing all the dark clouds moving to the east I was thinking how interesting nature really is,  it’s full of lesson. I learned today that even though you may be in dark moment, under a dark cloud, if you dare to look further in the right direction the sight might amaze you and give you reasons powerful enough to help you go through the storm. 




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