More is Happening in Istanbul

There are always two sides to a story…

İnsanlık Hali

Dear Friends,

So much has happened in Turkey since I wrote to you last.

As I type my heart is pounding and my fingers are rushing on the keyboard to tell you the news. I am in the midst of emotions. I follow the news on social media and from the personal accounts of my friends who are out there in Istanbul and Ankara diligently and persistently working to have their voices heard by the State and the mass media.

Something BIG is happening in Turkey. I feel joy, fear, hope… This is how a revolution must feel. I am so lucky to experience it in my lifetime.

Although I am geographically far from the heart of the resistance, that is Taksim Square in Istanbul, my heart leapt with the crowds when I hear that the police once again entered the Gezi Park and are spraying people with tear gas…

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