Key to Happiness

Key to Happiness

Is there any key to happiness? Is there a recipe to help us out when we need it?
I guess not. It’s all up to us to take the best decisions, make the best of our choices or change the direction of our life if we feel something’s wrong. It’s up to us if we want to stare at the closed door in front of us or just get up and start looking around for other ways of getting out.
It is hard, indeed, to walk away from everything we had, to change perspectives. But whenever the question “where to now?” pops into our mind we just have to remember the following answer: “On. Move on.”

Quote by Mother Teresa,


7 thoughts on “Key to Happiness

  1. Damn you, you are right!:D It’s very hard to change the road,and some people aren’t ready to do it alone, until is too late. And they keep the old road even if they feel that leads to nowhere.

  2. Nice photo! I think one of the keys to happiness I have learned is to try to be content with whatever we have and not want more and more ‘things’. It’s not easy to put into practice because of the material world we live in but if we can let the ‘wanting for stuff’ go, I think happiness comes a little closer 🙂

    1. You may be right. It often happens that we don’t feel happy just because there’s something else we see in a store or commercial and we think that if we’d have it we would be happier..when in fact, the simpler we live he more happier we are 🙂

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