Daughter & Mother

On Sunday I had a photo-session with my friend Mihaela, who also has a blog, you should pay her a visit -> http://color–your–life.blogspot.ro/2013/06/dont-be-afraid-mom-is-here.html, and her adorable and a little shy mother.

I am very happy I managed to freeze some beautiful moments and the weather was on our side as well. It takes only to look at a couple of the photos and you instantly feel there’s a special bond between them.

Isn’t life wonderful when you know you have your mother on your side? 🙂


IMG_1730-001 watermark IMG_1734-001 watermark IMG_1733-001 watermark IMG_1735-001 watermark IMG_1736-001 watermark IMG_1738-001 watermark IMG_1739-001 watermark IMG_1744-001 watermark IMG_1745-001 watermark IMG_1746-001 watermark


6 thoughts on “Daughter & Mother

  1. Life is beautiful in any moment, but when you mother is right next to you, your life is beyond magnificent! 🙂

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