The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

Looking back on everything that’s been happening in my life (not that it’s such a long life) I ask myself sometimes how many times have I actually chosen the road I’m walking on? Am I on this road that’s ahead me by fate or was it my choice. Have I changed direction when I felt like I’m actually getting nowhere?
The answer is there, in front of me. Most of the times, fate/life has somehow had a way of it’s own to change the direction of my road. I just knew that I have to keep going and not look back too often or I would stumble.

On most days I feel like heading South. The sun rise on my left side and sets on my right side. That’s when I usually stop for a while and admire the sight of the sunset.

(breath in, breath out)

And I thank for another day in which I have lived, smiled, laughed, hoped or even got angry. But everyday carries a lesson and today’s lesson is there will be times when things don’t work out the way we expect them to and that’s okay.

Breath in, breath out…


4 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Mostly in life, we tend to walk wherever the roads are leading us, I tend not to chose, because than I could blame someone!:) It’s better to go with the flow…;)))

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