Pure joy

I had my first German class today. I was so excited about it and on my way home I was even more excited about it. I felt so much joy in my heart, I felt like smiling all the way until I got home. I can smile about it even in this moment.

As I was walking home I thought to myself that the angels in Heaven are definitely singing in German. I know for many people German seems like a hard language but I absolutely love how it sounds.

The photos bellow were taken today, on my way home. The sun was setting so the light was really nice. Hope you enjoy them.




IMG_2362-001 watermark small IMG_2271-001 watermark small IMG_2274-001 watermark small IMG_2278-001 watermark small IMG_2292-001 watermark small IMG_2296-001 watermark small IMG_2313-001 watermark IMG_2318-  watermark watermark IMG_2339-001 watermark small IMG_2341-001 watermark small


8 thoughts on “Pure joy

  1. Nice, that your German class evoked such good feelings to you yesterday! It’s good to milk those positive moments. And I really like your photos. The light is magical. Happy weekend! 😀

  2. quello spruzzo d’acqua che sembra d’oro è una favola!
    molto apprezzate queste belle foto, originali

    that water spray that gold seems to be a!!
    greatly appreciated these beautiful photos, original

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