Places and people

This post will be about two things. Places and people.

I went yesterday with my parents to visit some friends who live in a small village. Mostly, they earn their living from working on their own land and selling everything they plant and grow on it. It is a hard life, some might say dirty. There’s always something that needs to be done or fixed.

Besides all the word, there’s something special about places like that one. I get a feeling of inner peace there. Everything goes silent, no car passes by, you can almost hear the sound of a leaf falling. It was so comforting drinking a cup of coffee there in the yard, chating about what’s been happening lately. Bellow you’ll find some photos from my visit šŸ™‚

People. They can make a place even more beautiful. But I don’t want to talk about those who make you feel like home. I want to talk about those who we think we know, about those who we for sure that they will not disappoint us. And still it happens. Not only that they hurt you, but everything you think they will not do they do it. It is beyond my level of comprehension why people change so much once they break up. As much as it hurts I can only thank God that now I know better.

Sorry for the sad note at the end of my post, but today wasn’t exactly one of my best days. Enjoy the pictures.


IMG_2376 watermark small


IMG_2378-001 watermark small


IMG_2380-001 watermark small


IMG_2388-001 watermark small


IMG_2389-001 watermark small


IMG_2393-001 watermark small


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6 thoughts on “Places and people

  1. Beautiful photos Klaudia. I am sorry you are not having a good day (I’ve been there, done that). All I can tell you is to keep your head held high and be yourself, and use your photography as therapy. Things just seem to have a way of working out for the better.

    1. Thank you very much for your words Joe. I know things work out for the better, they have too. But the process itself it’s hard to endure sometimes. I am glad I have a hobby where I can express everything I feel inside. Thanks again and enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

      1. The process is very hard to endure and thats the worst part, there is nowhere left to go but up from there. I will post something about myself tomorrow morning and how I feel that I turned a negative into a positive (usually I’m very private – you probably noticed I am not on any social media). Enjoy the rest of the weekend and savor the time you had in that small town yesterday šŸ™‚

      2. Yes I have noticed that. I’ll keep an eye on wordpress to read your post šŸ™‚
        I do think that using too much these social media platform can lead to, let’s say, “unhealthy” behavior or it can become something more damaging than helping, but it’s up to us on how much we use it and what sort of information we post there. I personally like it because of the amount of people I can reach out to and how I can share with them everything from news to my photography to everything.

  2. This is a very nice post!!! I love the photos, are so country alike,first one it’s my favorite! Unfortunately everyone had been disappointed with people..People are people no matter what…but you learn to move on and don’t care!You are very lucky because you are a very tough person.

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