At the Zoo.

Yes, I went to the Zoo today with a friend. Usually, I go there once a year. It’s not a big Zoo, but there are more animals than you’ll see in my photos. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph them because of the fences or because they were sleeping or too far away from me. However I did manage to photograph some of them and I really enjoyed the walk. I like to go there because it is somewhere near the forest and it’s so quiet and relaxing.

It’s been a lovely Sunday but now it’s time for me to prepare for tomorrow, as the weekend is over and I’ll have to get up early to go work.

Enjoy the photographs!

Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo Zoo


2 thoughts on “At the Zoo.

  1. Klaudia I love the photos and although bears are ferocious they sometimes remind me of cute little Teddy Bears. What magnificent animals.

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