Don’t stand still.

Don't stand still.

Friendship makes this journey through life a lot easier. Only the thought of knowing they are there can help you through the day.
A friend of mine told me something quite remarkable the other day. He told me to think of the low points in my life as of places in which I’m gaining momentum, I pick up my broken pieces, put them back together and whenever I feel ready life will lift me up higher than I was. Everything that’s happening is just a passing moment, life is a rolar coaster with ups and downs. We need to take advantage of those downs to rise higher.
Or even better, think of the legend of the Phoenix bird. After it dies, it rises again from it’s own ashes.
The circle of nature is another good example. No matter how cold the winter, there’s always a Spring around the corner and no matter how long the storm, the sun will always shine through the clouds eventually. There’s so much to learn from what’s happening around us, if we’d open our eyes more…or our hearts 🙂
In order to receive something we wish, we have to be ready.


12 thoughts on “Don’t stand still.

  1. When I was sailing solo around the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland this lesson was carved into my brain. The harder I was hammered by the wind and waves the sweater the calm days were. It really is hard to enjoy the good days without experiencing the bad ones.
    (Good and Bad depending on your perception and attitude).

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