Exile & Esmeralda

So far, every post contained one or more photos taken by me.

Today I’ll do something different. I want to talk to you about music, actually about a group called “Hurts”. Maybe you’ve heard of them. They released this year their second album “Exile”. Before I can tell you more about my impressions on the album I need to tell you a few things about my taste in music. The most important thing you should know is that I can’t relate only to one genre of music. It really depends on my state of mind. I listen to classical music, to trance, to dance/pop or whatever is on the radio, rock, r’n’b, etc. What matters to me is the feeling that I get when listening to a song. The message, the lyrics, the rhythm, everything. If I get goosebumps, even better.

For those of you who don’t listen to anything that’s too mainstream, Hurts might not be your thing. The reason why I like them so much is because on both of their albums I felt they had for each song a message for the audience.  I like them because they are somehow different from all the groups, at least from my point of view. They also remind me somehow of A-ha, which is a good think of course. I have a huge respect for A-ha.

While listening to their songs, I feel that they’ve given their soul on a platter. There’s a lot of soul in every piece they sing J And of course, they are kind of cute too (blush) 😛

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

P.S. My favorite tracks from the album are “only you” and “somebody to die for”

And if I still didn’t get your attention or maybe Hurts is not your style, here’s something different. I love the sound of the guitar in the song, the video is just awesome and the voice just gives me goosebumps, especially when I turn up the volume. It transports me so easily to a different place.


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