This photograph is very dear to me. More than I thought it would be in the moment I took it.
It has nothing special, just an old door with an old curtain and the wind dancing a little.
For me, it reminds of my childhood. So many times I’ve walked out that door in the backyard of my grandparents. So many times I’ve walked back in, actually ran back in 🙂 lovely times.
Now it’s all gone, just a memory. I wish I could have one more Christmas with them.

Sometimes I think that they are the only reason why I want to badly believe in a Heaven, because I want to know they’re up there looking down and smiling. Smiling and feeling proud of me!

Today I want to thank for all the memories I have, for my memories are the only thing left to remind me of my grandparents.


9 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I just love this photo! I miss my grandparents also..but it’s awesome that we have memories to review whenever we miss them!:)

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