Summer Trip – part II

I started reading a book today about a girl called Sara who sometimes only wanted to be alone with her own thoughts. She couldn’t understand why grown-ups always need to be surrounded by other people or turn on the TV/Radio just not to feel lonely anymore. She imagined herself growing up and founding a club where people would come to just sit in silence, without talking to each other. Even if you like the other you’re in the same room with, you don’t necessarily need or want to talk to them at that moment.

I have to agree with Sara sometimes. I also feel the need to just be silent at times and listen to my own thoughts or have no thoughts at all. Sometimes this happens when I’m surrounded with people and they don’t understand why I just don’t feel like talking.

Hmm…well, I’ll leave you know with the second part of my photos from my trip πŸ™‚


Transalpina Transalpina Transalpina


Parang Mountains Parang Mountains Lotru River What's left of a tree Cow


8 thoughts on “Summer Trip – part II

  1. Cow,cow,cow!! One of my favorite animal!:) Interesting book, I believe that all of us need some silent moments, from time to time. Lovely photos, what your eyes have seen last week is amazing.

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