Wine Festival

This past weekend I have also visited Vrsac (Serbia) with my parents and two friends of mine. In Vrsac this weekend, there was the Wine Festival. The entire center of the city was closed and there were a lot of stands with sweets, souvenirs, flowers, wine (of course), fruits, clothing..well mostly everything.

Sweets   Sweets

Candied fruits

All sort of fruits kept in jars with honey.

Season fruits and vegetables

Season fruits and vegetables

Catholic Church

Catholic Church

Wooden House

This was actually a miniature house made out of wood. All the details made it look so real, very beautiful and I guess it took a lot of hours of hard work to build it.

rainIt seems like everytime I go to Vrsac it has to rain. This time it was no exception as you can see. It rained cats and dogs. (love to use this expression)

I have some more photos from Vrsac from a previous visit, in August. Maybe I’ll also share those with you in a future post. They are taken from a hill at the bottom of which the city of Vrsac is build. The view from up there is literally breath taking 😉

Until next time, take care and enjoy the sun. Soon winter will be knocking at our door.


10 thoughts on “Wine Festival

  1. So schöne Bilder! Man kann die Leckereien (treats) fast riechen und schmecken, wenn man Deine Fotos anschaut. Danke für den schönen Spaziergang!

    Und ärgere Dich nicht wegen dem Regen. In manchen Kulturen sagt man: “Regen ist Segen”. 😉

    1. You’re the first to notice 🙂 we stopped at some point to buy wine to have when we’re home and I guess I was so concentrated trying to explain to the people that we’re selling it that we want sweet wine, not to bitter. They were not talking english, nor hungarian or german..only serbian and my father’s serbian is not good at all :)) so yeah…no photos with wine

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