Hidden treasure

It’s almost weekend again 🙂 joy!joy!

But I haven’t told you yet about my last weekend. I went home to where my parents live (Deta) on Friday. On Saturday we had such a lovely weather, around 25 degrees Celsius, perfect for outdoor activities. As I was thinking of a place where I could go and take some photos I remembered this place I used to drive by whenever I would go my parents to Vrsac, Serbia.

Said and done. I packed my camera, took the keys from the car (my parents where taking their afternoon siesta 😛 ) and in no time as was on my way to the place of my dreams with the sunshine lighting my way. Actually with too much sunlight, I had to wear my sunglasses all the way there.

Before Moravita I stopped and parked the car. That’s around 15-20 km from my home. The reason I stopped there was because the village Moravita is situated in a sort of a valley and I wanted to have to view from the top. I crossed to the right side of the road and got into the field, I knew I’d find there a place to have a great view. I should also mention that from Moravita you can see the hills of Vrsac, because the city of Vrsac is built at the base of these hills. So I already had in my mind what I wanted to see and how it should look. I just needed the right spot.

I came across a man that was guarding around 200 sheeps. Of course he was having 5 huge dogs who started running towards me and not because they were pleased by my presence. I shouted at the man to stop them and he did so. As I approached I started talking to the man (forgot to ask him what’s his name), I told him the reason of my visit there. I have also asked him what the sunrise looks like from up there. Before he answered he put a big smile on his face and said: “oh, it’s very beautiful…it’s a real spectacle.” That’s the moment when I knew I was in the right place.

IMG_7147 copy watermark small

IMG_7144 watermark small

IMG_7148 copy watermark small

I knew I had to return here on a morning to witness the sunrise.

Unitil then I wanted to explore this place a little further. I returned to the car and if you look at the picture above you can see on the left side of the picture a group of trees, like a forest. That’s where I went.

IMG_7153 watermark small

I was completely mesmerized but the simplicity of this place, birds were singing and the wind was making it’s way through the golden leaves. Heaven.

IMG_7159 watermark small

IMG_7191-001 copy watermark small

I still had road ahead of me so I drived a little while longer until I got to a village called Dejan. I only photographed there the church and left. When I got home and told my father where I was he said that in Dejan there’s an old mansion. I will go back one day to find it 🙂

IMG_7182-001 watermark small

On my way back I stopped once more, to take a few more shots. That’s when I came across this lonely tree in the middle of the field. I couldn’t decide which version looks better, the black and white one or the colored. You tell me 🙂

IMG_7209-001 watermark small

IMG_7211 copy watermark b&w small IMG_7211 copy watermark small

Now guess what I was doing the next morning at 7:30 AM 😀

That’s a story for another time! 😉


10 thoughts on “Hidden treasure

  1. Lovely photos, are very relaxing!!!! I love to watch your work…it’s nice to know that you have talented people around !:) I love the photo with the sheeps,also the 4th the, 8th and the penultimate !!!!:)

  2. Klingt nach einem schönen Tag und Du hast auch tolle Bilder gemacht!

    Wegen dem Foto vom einsamen Baum:
    Im Moment mag ich die Version in Farbe lieber, weil ich die Herbstfarben so mag und es so schön golden leuchtet. Das wärmt mein Herz.
    Aber für eine andere Stimmung, finde ich das schwarz-weiß Foto mit dem dramatischen Himmel auch sehr schön.
    Trotzdem finde ich persönlich, dass das Licht in diesem Foto mehr für die Farbversion spricht.
    Das ist aber mein persönlicher Eindruck und ich schreibe es als Antwort auf Deine Frage. 🙂 Es war doch eine Frage, oder?

    Ich freue mich schon darauf, zu sehen, was Du am nächsten Morgen gemacht hast! 😉

    Alles Liebe,

    1. Dankeschon 🙂 es freut mich das zu horen!

      Ich glaube auch dar die Version in Farbe eine Herbststimmung hat, es ist Warmer und die schwarz-weiss Version dramatischer ist. Und ja, es war eine Frage also danke fur antworten.

      Hoffentlich hab ich Zeit Heute oder Morgen die Fotos von den Sonnenaufgang hier zu posten.

      Ich wunsch dir ein schones Wochenend! 🙂

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