Good Morning Sun


That was the word of the day, last Sunday. I have to confess that I was very close to not getting up at 7 AM. My bed was feeling so damn cosy, but something inside of me was telling me that I will not regret it if I make this effort.

So there I was at 7:20 already in the car, driving back to where I was on Saturday to photograph the sunrise. I knew the sun was supposed to rise at 7:47. The sky was already lightning up, the clouds were already colored in beautiful warm tones. It was a good decision to wake up.

I got to the place at around 7:35, the grass was very wet, it had also rained during the night and I was wearing totally inappropriate shoes. It didn’t mattered anymore when I saw the view and started photographing. Birds were waking up also, they started singing and flying. Once in a while a car passed by and I could hear dogs bark somewhere in the distance. But the most powerful sound was that of the sun coming up. Outstandingly beautiful, really.

If you don’t believe me I have proof..

IMG_7222 watermark small


IMG_7245 watermark small


IMG_7254 watermark small


IMG_7281-001 watermark small

IMG_7285 watermark small


IMG_7306 watermark small

IMG_7313 copy watermark and quotes small


26 thoughts on “Good Morning Sun

  1. Beautiful photos Klaudia, it just show you “if you snooze you lose”. It looks like it was well worth it to get out there early. Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Abia astept.
        Klaudia, tu parca locuiesti in Timisoara?
        Daca da si daca te intereseaza, un grup din Timisoara organizeaza pe 29 noiembrie o tura in muntii Tarcu. Poate vrei sa vi, o sa fie super, sigur o sa-ti placa. Vineri seara ne intalnim in Caransebes si duminica plecam spre case. O seara placuta!

      2. Ahh, mi-ar placea, cum sa nu. Doar ca nu prea e momentul ๐Ÿ˜ฆ pe langa bani de drum sau ce costuri ar mai include excursia, nu am echipament de munte, cu atat mai putin pentru perioada rece. Si nu cred ca e prea indicat fara echipament serios pe asa munte…

      3. Asa prost stai cu echipamentul? Bani de drum, e foarte posibil sa-ti gasesti loc intr-o masina care vine din Timisoara si impartiti costul.
        Daca nu se poate, poate cu alta ocazie, te mai anunt cand ne vedem cu cei din Timisoara.

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