Hamburg Zoo

I have had this wish for a long time: to visit a huge Zoo with all sort of exotic animals like elephants, giraffes, flamingos or polar bears, penguins. You know the sort of animals you wouldn’t see only in the wild.

A visit to the Hamburg Hagenbeck Tierpark was the first thing to do on my list. A second dream that came true. The first one was going to Germany.

I haven’t told you how I felt about this trip. Well, imagine having a wish since you’re little…and shortly after you turn 24 you finally make it happen. It just feeds your soul with so much joy, hope, strength and more dreams. Bigger dreams. Knowing that no matter how big the dream, if you want it badly enough, it will become reality. It’s not just a story you keep for yourself. I felt like a child in the biggest Christmas store ever. That would be the best description.

The visit at the Zoo was more than I could have hopped for. I saw animals I never knew they existed. We needed an entire day to visit all the animals, made a lot of photos, laughed of how funny of them were or because of the sounds they were making. It was very relaxing, I enjoyed it fully. Bellow you’ll see a few photos, I tried to only upload the best of them.



10 thoughts on “Hamburg Zoo

      1. Nu exagerez deloc. Cea cu morsa, cea cu veverita si cea cu pestii in apa albastra mi se par foarte reusite. Si cea cu pinguinii. 🙂 Le-as vota oricand la un concurs pe NG 🙂

  1. From the pictures I can say that you had a more than lovely time!!! I’m very curious how the animals look at they real size. I’ve never visited a Zoo with so many animal. Your pictures are awesome.

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