Night lights

I’ve been playing with long exposure shots in the last couple of nights. It takes some practice, good timing and a very good spot to take the shots. I went out of Timisoara, near a bridge and played around a little.

Take a look at my outcome:


IMG_9887 watermark small


This is the best photograph so farย (30sec, f/9, iso 1600). The moon was somewhere behind me and almost full, so it wasn’t a complete dark night. Still I got some stars on my photo and some car trails. I was pretty satisfied with this one.


IMG_9876 copy watermark + quote


This photo was taken at the same place as the one above, but turned in the opposite directionย (20sec, f/18, iso 800). As you can see I tried out different settings to achieve something interesting.


IMG_9899 watermark small


This photo was taken in Mehala area of Timisoara, it was quit late (around 12 am) so there was little traffic to capture, but I like how the city lights shine. ย Stars of the city ๐Ÿ™‚ ย (6sec, f/18, iso 200)


IMG_0286 copy watermark small


My last attempt, two nights ago, was a total failure (8sec, f/20, iso 100). ย I actually wanted to capture a beautifully lit up church and some traffic lights in front of it. Instead, I got this. A lot of fog and there was no way the lights from the church could have been visible in my photos. So I turned my back to the church and took a couple of shots to the passing by cars. Not satisfied at all.

Tonight we have a full moon, so the nights that follow will be all covered in darkness. Hopefully I’ll get much better results.


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