First Snow

First Snow

A moment I look forward to, every single year. The first snow.
Thinking about it, I remember the times I was little and my parents would wake me up early in the morning and they would tell me to go quickly to the window. I would move away the curtains and my eyes lit up at the sight of everything covered in snow.
On Tuesday night it started snowing. I knew that by the time I wake the scenery would change completely. And it did. I woke up around 7:30 AM and rushed to the window, actually I opened the balcony and went outside in my pijamas. It was still snowing, slowly, in a perfect silence.
I took the camera with me that day on my way to work and this is the best shot. By now, the snow has already melted away. But I still hope for a White Christmas. Now that we had the first snow I feel like the Christmas season can begin.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone who celebrates it. For those of you who don’t (I don’t celebrate it either) you can still take a minute of your busy day and think about something you’re thankful 🙂


19 thoughts on “First Snow

      1. oh, wow. I have a friend that lived for a year in Australia, working in different places, visiting the country. She had so many things to tell when she came back.
        You have a beautiful country, I’d love to visit it someday 😉

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