One last look on Autumn

Two weeks ago I was with my parents on a short trip, to some very near mountains. Unfortunately, once we reached the peak of the mountain it got very foggy and the wind was blowing so hard we could barely stand on our feet.

Once again, I learned that the journey is more important than the destination. I had one of my favorite Cd’s playing in the car (Munford & Sons), made jokes and laughed, made a few stops to take photos (the ones you’ll see bellow), enjoyed the time spent with my parents.

That’s something we should also apply everyday. We’re working so much, we’re fighting so hard to achieve a state of happiness, to earn more and more money, to make our dreams come true. But we forget to live…everyday. To enjoy everyday as it comes. To laugh everyday at least once. That’s the way to enjoy the journey, living is enjoying the journey we take through life.

Here’s a last look on Autumn.

IMG_0477-001 copy watermark small

IMG_0522-001 watermark small

IMG_0524-001 watermark small

IMG_0540-001 watermark small

IMG_0547-001 watermark small

IMG_0554-001 watermark small

IMG_0561-001 watermark small

IMG_0533-001 watermark small

IMG_0549-001 watermark small


11 thoughts on “One last look on Autumn

  1. What a beautiful job on these photos Klaudia, I love the waterfall shots and the one looking down at the trees with the red forest floor is awesome 😀 Great choice on music too.

  2. The last pic is awesome. I love fall even if nature dies, I know she will be fully heal next year. But the colors that autumn has are amazing!:)

  3. mhm… your post smells like damp grass, covered in the mist of a grey morning. like an arm full of coloured leafs. and like the water, flowing through the absence of mankind, surrounded by trees and the quiet sound of the first raindrops…

    I experienced all of that for myself. And your images remind me perfectly. thanks for that.

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