Sunday = Family

This is something I have been growing up with. Sunday is the day that you spend with your family. Whenever possible, of course. On Sunday we would all gather to have lunch and visit my grandparents while there were still alive.

Yesterday, as it was Sunday, I went with my parents and a friend of mine, with whom I also share my apartment, to Szeged. Szeged is a hungarian city about 200km from where I live. We went for a walk through the center of the town, had a look at the Christmas market, visit the most beautiful church they have in Szeged. It has two huge towers (it’s a catholic one) and it’s surrounded by a tall brick wall with all sort of statues of famous people that were born in Szeged or had lived there. One interesant story my father told me while we were walking around the church was that during a big flood, a quite significant part of the city was destroyed, a lot of people have become homeless and a lot of other cities have helped rebuilding it. All the cities that have participated have their emblem on the walls that surround the church, amogst them is also Timisoara. The river Tisza flows through Szeged, that explains the flooding.

On our way home, we stopped in a romanian village, called Sandra, at a german/austrian restaurant. It’s called Schwabenhaus and it has a unique decorations style. High ceiling with beams, with a rural touch and full with all sort of vintage stuff like old phones, camera, typewriter, musical instrument, a lot of clocks. Even the tables were made out of old sewing machines. I was blown away by the interior of this restaurant.

At the end of the day I was able to be thankful for so many many things I had experienced that day. I have spent time with my parents, I have laughed, I enjoyed the beautiful weather by doing something new visiting this city. Once more I was stunned by the fact that even though Szeged is so close, the people are there are different, the city has a different look. The buildings are all in a great shape, the streets are clean, the people seemed so relaxed. It was a breath of fresh air!

This Sunday was also the 4th Advent in the catholic calendar. In the front of the University from Szeged they had a huge wreath with four candles burning, they were around 50 cm tall and the wreath had about 1,5m diametre. I have never seen such a big one.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! 🙂

IMG_1170 watermark small

IMG_1180 watermark small

IMG_1182-001 watermark small

IMG_1183-001 watermark small

IMG_1185 copy small

IMG_1186 watermark small

IMG_1193 watermark small







These photos bellow were taken with my phone, excuse me for the low quality.








2 thoughts on “Sunday = Family

  1. Your photos are as beautiful as your story is Klaudia. I think it is very nice that Sunday is still family day in your culture. I remember many years ago that was the way it was over here too, Sunday was the day you went to your place of worship and you spent quality time with your family. It has gotten so far away from that now in the USA with all the retailers open on Sundays some of them don’t even close for holidays. I wish it would go back to the way it was years ago when all the stores were closed and people just enjoyed their families. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😀

    1. Thank you very much Joe! That’s very true what you\re saying. I notice that in big cities in Romania, too. People go shopping on Sundays, the city is crowded on Sunday’s, especially in the mall. People seem to have forgotten the meaning of spending quality time with their loved ones, taking a day off and just relax. My parents live in small town with about 6000 people, so on Sunday’s the street are quite empty, there is maybe one store open. You almost get the sensation that time has stopped 🙂

      Wish you Merry Christmas Joe and spend it with your dear ones! Take care!

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