Letter about the true Santa Claus

We’ve all been there, kids believing an old man dressed in red comes down the chimney and leaves the presents under the Christmas Tree.
But then came a time when we started asking questions. How does Santa Claus fit in the chimney? How does he make it to every kid in the world on the same night?

The next year we would slowly start to guess it’s actually our parents that buy us gifts and pretend Santa Claus comes at night.
I even have a powerful memory related to Santa Claus. I remeber one year I have been really good so that Santa would bring me a lot of toys and my best friend, she wasn’t so good during the year as I was. On Christmas day we would meet and show each other the gifts we’d receive. That year she got a gorgeous barbie girl and a car for the barbie doll and I only got one of those phones with batteries and on every button you would press it would say something in english. I was so dissapointed, I couldn’t understand why have I received only a damn phone with batteries since I’ve been so good and my friend had received more presents although she didn’t behave always. It made no sense. I started crying.
That was the moment when my parents told me for the first time the truth and then it made sense. I knew my parents didn’t have so much money so I couldn’t receive expensive toys. But it is quite hard for a child all of a sudden to deal with this news. The magic suddenly breaks, just like in the cindarella story.

Today I came accross a quite genius letter, written by parents to their child. I think it’s truly inspiring and it can be a very good explanation for the little ones so that they don’t lose the sense of magic during the holidays and they also shouldn’t lose the spirit Christmas brings, the joy of giving and the feeling of being grateful for all they receive.

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4 thoughts on “Letter about the true Santa Claus

  1. My 9 yr old has known for the last few years but my 6 yr old believes still. What’s nice is that my older daughter helps keep the secret and the magic for her little sister and seems to enjoy being the older sister and in with the secret. They find out from other kids at school sooner or later but I loved watching my littlest going to sleep and listening out for the reindeer on the roof! 🙂 probably for the last year though 😦

    1. There is something magical about seeing the little ones how they wait for Santa and listen closely in the night. And indeed it is very kind if your older girl to keep the secret.
      Sometimes i can’t wait to have children to re-live certain moments from my childhood 🙂
      Merry Christmas Peter!

  2. This is a great post. You said something about you that makes me wonder a lot. Lovey letter full of hope and truth. I love this post, I almost cried.

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