It all started with one snowflake

This past weekend we finally had SOME snow. Some, because it wasn’t that much. It’s still cold outside, but most of it melted already. I suspected it will not last long so I took the opportunity to take two walks, one on Saturday and one on Sunday in the park. These photographs were taken in a small town, Deta, in the west of Romania. That’s were my parents live.

Unfortunately, people in the eastern part of the country have too much snow, road are closed, houses are buried under the snow. That’s how much snow they have.

Hope you’ll enjoy my photos, I even got some sunshine on Sunday! πŸ˜€


IMG_2148-001 watermark small IMG_2152-001 WATERMARK small


These two were taken on Saturday afternoon. It was still snowing a little, the sky was grey, so the images also reflect the lack of sunlight.


IMG_2199-001 watermark small IMG_2211-001 watermark small


A few close-ups to catch the beauty of the snow and frozen water.


IMG_2214-001 watermark small IMG_2215-001 watermark small IMG_2230-001 watermark small IMG_2235-001 watermark small IMG_2250-001 watermark small IMG_2252 watermark IMG_2256-001 watermark small IMG_2258-001 watermark small



Kids are always the happiest when it snows. I just had to stop for a while and photograph them while they were enjoying the winter season.

IMG_2221-001 watermark small IMG_2262-001 watermark small


16 thoughts on “It all started with one snowflake

  1. So beautiful. The huge trees are very impressive. It always looks brighter if there is some snow. We have some snow here at the Baltic sea, too. And it’s really great. πŸ™‚
    Happy Day.

  2. I do love winter photography! That second one is extra special … something about a road and where it may be leading. Lovely series of photos!!

  3. Gorgeous shots. In pictures winter is one of my favorite seasons. I love the photo with the bench very much. But in the end all are great. Nature is beautiful but your photos make it more beautiful. Great job my dear Klaudia (just for fun : Claudia ) πŸ˜‰

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