Film Photography

I am not sure if I have told you before that I also own a camera that still runs on a film. To be honest I received it from a friend (thank you!) to use it, learn from the experience of film photography.

Because I know every shot is precious when it comes to film photography it took me around 3 months to take 35 photographs. I didn’t carry it with me all the day, true.

The results are not bad, but they are not good either :)) Of course there were some out of focus, underexposed, weird colors. All in all it’s fun. I really like the idea of freezin’ the moment in my camera and having to wait until you see the photo. You even get to forget about some of photos you took and when you develop the film you’re surprised.

Let me present you my results. I used a kodak film with iso200, the camera is a Revue and I have used 3 different lenses (28m, 50mm and a 135mm).

32A_00034-001 _0A_00004 _8A_00010 _9A_00011 12A_00014 17A_00019 18A_00020-001 19A_00021-001 20A_00022-001 23A_00025 31A_00033-001 29A_00031-001 30A_00032-001



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