Build a home

I’ve had a quite lovely surprise today. For those of you who moved from a small town to a big town and the big town is now that far away from the small town this story may be one that you can relate to. You know those moments when you go some place and when you least expect it you bump into someone from your hometown. It’s not necessarily an awkward moment, but for some reason the other person turn their back on you. As if you were not there or they don’t know you. Although, back home you used to say at least ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ or whatever. I don’t understand this category of people, but this is not the point of today’s post.

As I was walking home from work today, I was passing by a bus station and for no reason I turned my head to the left side to have a look at the people who are waiting for the bus. In a matter of less than a second I saw a familiar face, a girl. I noticed she recognized me as well, I could tell it by the look in her eyes. The thing is I have never talked with that girl in my life, she’s from my hometown, but we barely said ‘hi’ to each other. She is a few years smaller than me and I was with her sister in the same class at kindergarten for one year or so. You can very well imagine there was no reason for us to say anything to each other. Nevertheless, we both saluted each other almost at the same time.

I know it’s a small, insignificant happening, but it made me smile. Life has many little surprises for us.


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