Spring came too soon

I once again express my worry to the way the weather is acting lately. Trees have already bloomed in Romania. At least I have seen one. Also all sort of spring flowers have already bloomed and it’s only February. It used to be freezing cold this month.

The other days, I was telling a friend of mine that even though I’ve seen in stores tulips, normally they bloom much later. Somewhere at the end of April – beginning of May. I remember very well while my grandmother lived (she died 3 years ago) that when for my cousin’s birthday which is on the 4th of May she would bring tulips. While for my birthday which is on the 27th of May she would bring roses. That’s how the flowers bloomed in her garden.

To see tulips at this time for sale I find very strange. Probably they were planted and kept in aย greenhouse.

Here’s how theย commence of spring looked like yesterday morning.

IMG_3141 watermark small IMG_3162 watermark small

IMG_3143 watermark small IMG_3153 watermark small


11 thoughts on “Spring came too soon

  1. Lovely photos. And spring is really with that blossoms on the trees. That’s really strange. But here it’s too warm, too. I heard this morning in the radio it is the warmest winter, ever.
    Have a happy spring day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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