Muffin Fairies

Today is the first day of Spring 🙂

I kept telling you about a project of mine that involved a kitchen and some muffins. Well, the waiting has an end.

My friend Smaranda was inspired by Julia Child from “Julie & Julia”, the character of Charlotte from ”Sex and the city” and Bree Van de Kamp from “Desperate Housewives” to create these absolutely stunning aprons.

We colaborated with a furniture supplier and they allowed us to use one of their kitchen furnitures for our photo shooting.

I’m really in love with the outcome. You can head over to Smaranda’s blog http://the– if you wish to purchase one of the aprons, they are for sale. They could be a perfect gift for your mother/sister/wife since Spring is here, they day will grow longer and we’ll have more time, even for cooking.

Enjoy the photographs 🙂 wish you all a lovely Sunday!

IMG_1836-001 watermark small IMG_1841-002 watermark small IMG_1856-002 watermark small

IMG_1865-002 watermark small IMG_1884-001 watermark small IMG_1888-001 watermark small

IMG_1895-001 watermark small IMG_1905-001 watermark small IMG_1910-001 watermark small IMG_1911-001 watermark small


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