Four generations – One photograph

Family is important. They are the ones who are supposed to be there, help you and support you through every storm. I know that sometimes our friends become our family. I know that there are cases in which a friend is more supportive than the own family. I find that quite sad.

I consider myself lucky from this point of view. I know my parents would do anything for me and that they will always be there, in good and bad. They are the ones that love me just because I am.

Now getting to the point of my post, I photographed last week at a baptism four people of different generations. I have them all four in one single photograph.

When I think about it of course I think of my own grandparents, abut the fact that I only have a few photos with them from when I was little, but I didn’t get to meat any of my great-grandparents. I would have loved to have at least a photograph with them.

Maybe this is the reason why this photograph in particular touches me. I really hope it remains an important memory for them I hope that Jacob (the little one) will look over the years back and even though he will not be able to remember this day, he will have a proof of it. He’ll be able to smile and feel grateful for his grand-father hold him in his arms in his first few months of life.

If you look at the photo, it’s quite self-explanatory as in who is the youngest or oldest :))

IMG_3448 -- watermark small


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