The big circle

I’m talking about the sun. Since I started taking photos I have also started paying more and more attention to the weather. How the sky looks like in the summer or winter. How it looks when it sets. What shape have the clouds during spring or fall.

Finally, I’ve seen some gorgeous sunsets lately, the kind in which the sky is clear and one can see the huge big circle of the sun going down. I’m stunned everytime I get to witness it.

And last Friday I went out on a field before sunset to capture. I really felt so sorry I had no zoom lens, it would have been perfect for this opportunity. But one day I’ll buy myself one of those too.

IMG_4004-001 watermark small

IMG_4011 watermark small

IMG_4021 watermark small

IMG_4035 copy watermark small IMG_4052 watermark small


And behind me the Moon was getting ready for it’s usual night shift.




IMG_3999 copy small watermark



On Saturday I went for a walk in the forest with my mother. We had such a lovely weather, I think we had around 17degrees Celsius, which is kind of a lot for this time of the year. I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine and of the fact that near my hometown there is a lovely forest that I like to take walks in whenever I’m around.

As usual, I was lucky enough to see a rabbit running away from us and a deer. Of, course there were many birds singing (the zoom lense I was complainig about would have been quite handy for the birds too) and colorful butterflies which I couldn’t photograph because they were continuously flying around.

Because we had very little snow there are still a lot of ‘rusted’ leaves on the ground. I think they make a little harder for the new fresh grass to grow, though some flowers have already bloomed.


Hope you’ll enjoy the photos bellow πŸ™‚

IMG_4086-001 watermark small IMG_4087-001 watermark small IMG_4089-001 watermark small IMG_4093-001 watermark small IMG_4097-001 watermark small IMG_4098-001 watermark small IMG_4104-001 watermark small

10 thoughts on “The big circle

  1. I adore this photos. The nature photos can be so relaxing and inspiring. I even have some favorite,tough decision..But i love the first 3, because they seem from an other story!:)

  2. Your photos have this something special I can’t explain. I love them all and get never tired of watching them. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing. Ich wΓΌnsche Dir einen wundervollen Tag. Lernst Du noch Deutsch?

    1. Ich lesse noch Deutsch von Zeit zu Zeit and hore auch Musik (Radio) πŸ™‚
      Ich vollte noch dieses Jahr den B2 Modul beenden aber ich so viel zu tun bei dem Arbeit, ich weiss nicht ob ich genug Zeit dafur haben will.

      Thanks for you comment, I’m glad to hear you like the photos.
      Wish you a great day!

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