Raining thoughts

I should be getting ready to go to bed, instead I’m getting ready for a new post. We had a perfect weather this last weekend, but today it started raining and the sky got grey just like in one of those depressing stories where someone thinks too much.

Talking of thinking..I was at a local market the other day. Just stopped by to have a look and take a few shots. While on my way it started raining so I was kind of almost sure I’ll get home with zero photos. But I didn’t. πŸ˜€

Examining the people from the market I was thinking how simple is their existence. They don’t care about stocks, airplane crashes, fashion or which was the best movie at the latest Oscar’s. All of these things do not have a direct impact on them, so they don’t even bother. They care about the weather, about the price of carrots today and if the neighbor has made more money.

Now thinking of this on a larger scale, it’s the same, right? Only more complicated. We do watch all news, remark all changes, because we know that most of the things are related. At least I try to keep myself up-date as much as I can with the major events. As much as I can understand.

Looking at the photos below, I like the simplicity of their live style. Maybe they are happier in their own little world.


IMG_4115-001 WATERMARK small IMG_4118-001 watermark smal IMG_4120-001 watermark small IMG_4122-001 watermark small IMG_4123-001 watermark small IMG_4125-001 watermark small IMG_4126-001 watermark small


9 thoughts on “Raining thoughts

  1. I think in the long run a simpler lifestyle like these people will lead to a longer more fulfilled life. I always admired people who don’t measure their success by how many gadgets they have or who has the most money. Great shots Klaudia πŸ˜„

    1. I know Joe, but it gets harder and harder to keep this balance. To know exactly what matters and what not. What is it that makes us valuable? πŸ™‚

      Have a nice day and thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. Sleep refuse to come, well I have changed my mind I refuse to go to sleep:) I love simple people. I might say that I envy them..I wish I hadn’t so many thought…to not acre so much about all the stupid thing I care.. But as you said there is a scale…and I’m only at the first level. So I would like to enjoy my “simple” life. Because like the wine in time gets more”good”. This photos are just perfect. Love the third one very much.

  3. Judging ourselves by others causes this angst I think. ‘Simple’ or ‘complicated’ are subjective terms. I think we all have a natural balance, but finding it is the hard part. Attitude is everything.
    Your photos are awesome by the way. I love radishes:)

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