Irlanda – taramul comitatelor

Nici prin gand nu mi-ar fi trecut vreodata ca voi ajunge pe taramul comitatelor -Irlanda. Nici n-am visat asa ceva. De anul trecut, o foarte buna prietena s-a stabilit in Irlanda si am stabilit cu ea ca in 2014 o vizitez. Cand am cautat pe net imagini cu Irlanda mi-am dat seama ca imi va placea la nebunie acolo, adaugand si companie prietenei mele nu avea ce sa nu fie bine.

In prima zi ne-am plimbat prin Dublin pentru ca acolo am si aterizat cu avionul. Nu am vrut sa vizitez muzee, statui sau alte locatii turistice asemanatoare. Am vrut sa vad orasul, strazile, sa vad ce fel de oameni sunt, ce fel de cladiri au. Prin centrul orasului curge raul Liffey iar ce mi-a atras atentia a fost faptul ca fiecare pod e facut altfel, are alta forma, e din alt material, are alta culoare.

Desigur, e plin Dublin-ul de baruri, cafenele care mai de care mai cochete si in general cladirile sunt foarte colorate. Au stradute inguste cu localuri unul langa celalalt, fiecare local vopsit in alta culoare.

Am vrut neaparat sa ajung la Trinity College sa vad ”The long room” – este de fapt o biblioteca si fiind intr-o incapere foarte lunga lasa iluzia ca nu se mai termina. In timp ce cautam eu cu prietena mea aceasta biblioteca si ne tot uitam pe cladiri sa gasim numarul corespunzator de pe harta vine un domn la noi si ne intreaba daca ne poate ajuta cu ceva, ca ne-a vazut asa mai pierdute. Eu personal am ramas uimita. I-am zis ca nu gasim ”The long room” si ne-a aratat el incotro sa o luam. Nu-mi venea sa cred ca s-a oprit sa-si ofere ajutorul, desi nu l-am cerut. Nu-mi venea sa cred ca a observat ca noi cautam ceva. Eram de o zi in Irlanda si deja impresiile mele despre aceasta tara au iesit din grafic πŸ™‚

Spre seara, inainte sa luam autobusul spre Cork, pentru ca acolo locuieste prietena mea, am hotarat sa ne oprim undeva sa mancam. La recomandarea (si insistentele) prietenei mele am mers intr-un local numit ”Eddie rocket’s”. Ei, cand am intrat un zambet mi-a aparut pe fata. Arata ca un dinner in stil american din anii 50′ si canta muzica retro in fundal. Am luat loc la o masa si atunci am observat ca la fiecare masa era un tonomat mic prins de perete cu o lista de melodii iar daca bagai 20 de centi puteai sa alegi tu ce melodie vrei sa cante. Mancarea a fost delicioasa, am plecat de acolo satula si placut impresionata.

Despre drumul pana in Cork nu va mai povestesc pentru ca era deja seara, a durat vreo 3 ore si m-am bucurat sa ajung acasa la prietena mea sa-mi pot lasa capul pe o perna moale. Va las acum sa priviti fotografiile.



I have never imagined I would ever go to Ireland, it didn’t even cross my mind. Last year, a very good friend of mine moved to Ireland so we both agreed that I would go over there this year to visit her. When I first looked up some photos with Ireland, to have an idea about where I’m going I knew I’d love it and with the company of my friend nothing could go wrong.

On my first day there, I visit part of Dublin. I was very curious to see the streets of Dublin, people’s faces, buildings. What I’ve noticed and found quite interesting is that the bridges across Liffey river are all different. They either have a different structure, color, shape or made of different material. Most of the buildings are very colorful, they have these thight streets and every bar or cafe is painted in a different color.

I knew I wanted to see the ”The long room” at Trinity College so while Β we were on the campus looking for the library, this man came by and asked us what are we looking, ’cause we look a little lost. I was totally stunned, couldn’t believe that someone would notice that we’re looking for something and stops to help us. We would have found the building evetually, but I was amazed by how nice are in Ireland. I feel like I need to add that the ”The long room” looks better in pictures and it looks longer. We could only walk through the half of it and we also were not able to walk upstairs. The books, though, were impressive. Old, ‘rusted’, huge and ‘tired’ I might say. That’s how they looked.

To top the Dublin experience we stopped to eat in a place called ”Eddie rocket’s” which looks exactly like an american dinner from the 50′, it was retro music and next to each table there’s a small jukebox and for 20 cent you can change the music that’s playing. That was pretty cool. The food was also very good.

I will not tell you about the way from Dublin to Cork, ’cause it was already dark outside, I was tired, my friend as well. We went with a bus for 3 long hours and I was just happy to arrive at her place and to rest my head for the night.

Please enjoy the photos from Β Dublin πŸ™‚


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13 thoughts on “Irlanda – taramul comitatelor

  1. I always wanted to visit Ireland so now I am really jealous Klaudia πŸ™‚ I love the shots of the library they are classic. We have a hamburger chain over here in the states called “Johnny Rockets” and it is also set up like a 50’s diner and it sounds very similar to the place you ate at. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos from Dublin. It looks really inviting. And the library is so atmosperic and I guess it could tell some interesting stories. Hab einen schΓΆnen Tag! πŸ˜‰

  3. Well your pics tack by themselves. You are truly lucky to visit Ireland, I hope one day I’ll visit it too. I love the long rooms, seems from an other time and space. I can wait to see more pics and more stories.

  4. We had an Eddie Rocket’s right around the corner when we lived in Ballsbridge (near the Grand Canal in Dublin City) – it’s a cool place and I loven the sweet potatoe chips. πŸ˜‰

    The friendliness of the Dubliners you are mentioning is something we have experienced, too, and I actually miss that, sometimes.

    Your photos are so beautiful – they are wakening wonderful memories and I am getting a bit homesick… Especially the water reflection is a very artistic take, but I love each image in its own way.

    Much love!

    1. I think it;s the same Eddie Rocket I went to, it was near the Grand Canal πŸ˜€ we were also for 2 days in Killarney (I will write about that in another post) and there was also a Eddie Rocket’s dinner, I was so happy, I knew I wanted to eat once more there πŸ˜€

      It rained a little when I got to Dublin, but not enough to ruin our walk around the city πŸ˜€

      Thanks for commenting, wish you a lovely day! πŸ˜€

      1. How nice – then you saw a bit of my old Irish home! – It would not have been Dublin if you didn’t have a bit of rain-blessing on your heads… πŸ˜‰

        I’m so glad that you enjoyed your visit in Ireland and could see so much! And your pictures from Killarney will be fondly awaited, when the time has come.

        Enjoy the day, too! πŸ˜€

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