Inspiratie de vara


Desi zilele au devenit mai lungi, tot in urma sunt cu anumite fotografii pe care abia astept sa le impartasesc si cu voi. In special cele din vacanta mea in Irlanda. Dar toate la timpul lor.

Pentru ca incet, dar sigur, se aproapie vara m-am hotarat sa va arat azi cateva din tinutele prietenelor mele Smaranda (http://the– si Mihaela (http://color–your– Desigur ca sunteti invitati sa le rasfoiti blog-ul pentru si mai multe detalii.


Day have become longer, but I’m still behind with my editing, especially with the photographs from my vacation in Ireland. But I’ll come to that too, sooner or later.

Slowly, summer is starting to make itself felt with high temperatures so I thought I’d share with you some of the photographs and outfits of my friends Smaranda (http://the– si Mihaela (http://color–your– You can definetely check out their blogs if you’re interested in fashion.




IMG_2387-001 watermark small IMG_2388-001 watermark small IMG_2421-001 watermark small IMG_2425-001 watermark small






IMG_0221-001 WATERMARK small IMG_0228-001 watermark small IMG_0239-001 watermark small IMG_0247-001 watermark small


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