Parcul Fota Wildlife


Revin cu o noua postare despre Irlanda, mai exact a doua zi petrecuta acolo. Prietena mea m-a asteptat cu un mini-program pentru toata perioada in care urma sa stau la ea, asa ca pentru marti s-a gandit sa mergem sa vizitam o gradina zoologica, Fota Wildlife Park. E situata undeva inafara orasului Cork, dar cu trenul am facut doar 10 minute (nu mi-a venit sa cred ca pana si in tren era WI-FI). Locul e perfect prentu recreere, am vazut foarte multe familii cu copii acolo, era si loc de joaca iar cei mici puteau vedea animalele de-aproape incat nu toate erau inchise. Veti vedea mai jos si in imagini ca doar cele mai periculoase erau ingradite.

Era sa uit sa mentionez ca in drumul nostru spre gara am vazut o biserica interesanta si am vrut sa intru sa o vad pe interior. Erau doi domni inauntru care ne-au intampinat foarte calduros, ne-au povestit putin despre credinta lor (erau

) iar cel mai interesant lucru a fost demonstratia unui dintre ei, care ne-a prezentat viata si cursul vietii unui om cu toate dorintele si aspiratiile lui doar cu o bucata de hartie si o foarfeca. Dupa ce a impaturit foaia in diferite feluri a facut o singura taietura in urma careia au ramas multe bucati mici de hartii. Din acele bucati a reiesit cuvantul ‘hell’ si o cruce. Lectie ar fi ca la final la asta se rezuma totul. Orice alegere facem in viata si cum ne traim viata, cum ii tratam pe ceilalti ne indruma inspre una din aceste doua variante. Inainte sa plecam ne-au spus ca vor sa se roage pentru noi si sa le spunem ce ne dorim. Amandoua ne-am dorit sanatate, asa ca s-au rugat de fata cu noi pentru sanatatea noastra. Cumva, am iesit pe usa zambind de acolo. A fost o experienta placuta.

Trecand mai departe la vizita de la Zoo, a durat cateva ore sa trecem pe la toate animalele. Am facut si o pauza de cafea si ne-am bucurat de soare si vreme buna. Tot de la cei doi domni din biserica am aflat ca langa grandina zoologica este si un parc botanic foarte frumos iar acolo nici nu se plateste intrare. Desigur ca am vrut sa vedem si gradina botanica. Va spun cu mana pe suflet ca e mult mai superba decat in fotografiile mele. Si ce frumos miroseau unele flori, ce frumos cantau pasarile, ce albastru frumos avea cerul…as putea continua pana maine.

Ca sa inchei aceasta postare, dupa a doua zi in Irlanda eram deja complet fascinata de aceasta tara si natura ei. Imi placeau si oameni si eram multumita ca vremea era de partea mea.

Va las acum sa va bucurati de fotografii!



My second day in Ireland, my friend took me to visit the Fota Wildlife Park. It is outside Cork, but by train one can get there in about 10 minutes. I was amazed to see that ene in the train they had Wi-Fi signal. I didn’t expect that.

On our way to the train station we stopped by this beautiful church and I wanted to see it from the inside as well. There were two men inside, who seemed very nice, asked us for our name, where are we from. They told us a little about their religion ’cause from the outside the church looked Catholic but they were actuallyΒ presbyterians. After that one of them took a piece of paper and started folding it. Meanwhile he telling us about life, how a man is born and has wishes, wants a house, a family, fortune and other stuff. At the end of each life death plays an important role, but before that, depending on how that man spends it’s life there are two choices. Then he cut the paper and several small pieces remained. With the pieces he could write the word ‘Hell’ and create the sign of a cross. It was a quite interesting demonstration. before we left, they prayed for us..for our health and for our lifes. I must say it was a nice experience.

Moving on to the visit at the Zoo. It’s the perfect place to spend a day outdoor with family, friends and even more if you have kids. Only the large and dangerous animals were in cages or fenced. One could pretty much walk like in a park and enjoy all the animals. There was a lake in the middle of the park and several small rivers/channels. The weather was excellent, sunny and not too cold. The two men in the church have told us that next to the Zoo there is this botanical garden and we’d have to pay no fee to get in. Of course, we visited the garden as well. It was already afternoon by the time we got there, the sun was shining, no clouds in sight. I can’t even describe you how beautiful flowers I’ve seen, their smell, the singing of the birds. I could stay there all day long relaxing.

By the time my second day has come to an end I was already fascinated by Ireland, it’s landscape and it’s people. I could only hope for more fascinating experiences.

Enjoy the photographs πŸ™‚



14 thoughts on “Parcul Fota Wildlife

  1. Lovely, just lovely shots!!! I love the one with the giraffe and first pic with the “rive”. I envy you I wish I could visit such a lovely place!

  2. Such beautiful images – and it sounds like you really enjoed your time in Ireland. How wonderful!

    The story of your experience in the presbyterian church is very interesting and a good reminder of how we always have the choice in life and itis up to us how we put the pieces in our hands together. πŸ™‚ How nice that they prayed for you, also.

    Much love and a happy summer!

    1. Thank you Stefanie for taking your time to go thrpough my post before your summer break. I appreciate that.

      Ireland was beyond words could ever describe, i didn’t expected to have such a good time.

      Even if someone doesn’t necessarily believes in God and in Heaven and Hell it’s a good example of how our choices will affect our life in a long term. It’s up to us to make the right decisions, to listen to our heart and be kind with other people.

      Wish you a peaceful summer! πŸ™‚

      1. Klaudia,
        it’s my joy to catch up with the posts I have missed from you during the last month. πŸ™‚

        Yes, Ireland does have something special, doesn’t it?! A good place to encounter an experience like the one you had in that church. I agree, the wisdom in it is not dependant to any special religion but lives in the depth of our hearts. Great to know that we can find it in so many different places.

        A peaceful summer for you, too! πŸ™‚

  3. wonderful series of photos … the giraffes, the water / reflections, and I really like the pointed leaves in the one photo from the botanical gardens

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