Parcul National Killarney II

Iata ca a sosit momentul sa va povestesc si despre a doua zi in Killarney. Inca de dimineata cerul era extrem de senin. Pana si doamna de la receptia hostelului ne-a spus ca au anuntat vreme incredibil de frumoasa. Nici nu puteam sa-mi alegย  o zi mai frumoasa pentru un tur prin parc.

Prietena mea a mai fost aici in toamna anului 2013 si impreuna cu partenerul ei au facut turul ‘The Ring of Kerry’. E cel mai lung si cuprinde multe locuri diferite din tot county-ul Kerry. Am hotarat sa rezervam acelasi tur si noi doua.

Soferul autobuzului era un irlandez pur, cu acel accent superb si desigur glumet. Ne-a povestit tot drumul despre locurile pe langa care treceam, de la ce case de vanzare erau in zona pana la istoaria locului. Foarte bine informat omul, jos palaria pentru asta. S-a prins la un moment dat ca erau multi americani in autobuz asa ca majoritatea glumelor au fost pe seama lor. Dar s-au distrat de minune si ei. Chiar in fata noastra stateau doua doamne foarte vesele din San Francisco.

Despre priveslisti nici nu stiu, sincer, ce sa va spun. M-au dat pe spate. Imi parea rau ca nu ne opream peste tot sa fac fotografii. Unele le-am facut din mers, sa le am asa macar ca amintire.

Una din opriri au fost la un cioban. Am urcat putin dealul si ne-a prezentat mai multe tipuri de oi. Apoi a urmat partea interesanta. Ne-a facut o prezentatie cum isi aduna oilea de pe deal cu doi caini antrenati. Ambii caini erau border collie iar fiecare era antrenat cu un anumit set de comenzi. Desigur ca ii putea coordona pe amandoi in acelasi timp. Punctul culminant mi s-a parut ca a fost cand ne-a aratat in slow motion ce pozitie de ‘vanator’ adopta cainele, adica arata ca un lup gata sa-si prinda prada. Nu-mi venea sa cred ca acel caine era antrenat sa faca acei pasi asa foarte incet sa vedem noi cu ochiul liber exact cum ii arata corpul. Cred ca se si vede intr-o fotografie mai jos.

Pe la jumatatea turului, ne aflam intre niste dealuri. Si in stanga si in dreapta erau dealuri. Si dintr-o data luam coltul si se iveste oceanul. Albastru ca cerul. Albastru carribean. Batea vantul foarte tare, dar nu mai conta. Era bucuroasa pentru ca aveam ocazia sa vad oceanul. Nu credeam vreodata ca joi ajunge pe malul Oceanului Atlantic. Si acum cand imi amintesc mi se pare incredibil.

Pentru ca nu se putea sa fie toata ziua perfecta, spre finalul turului, mai exact la penultima oprire ne spune soferul ca nu mai porneste autobuzul si ca trebuie sa asteptam sa vina altul dupa noi. A durat aproape o ora pana a sosit cineva dupa noi, timp in care ne-am bucurat de aerul curat si soare. Partea mai putin placuta a fost ca fiind in intarziere nu am mai facut nici o oprire.

De povestit ar mai fi atatea si nu-mi ajunge o singura postare. Sper sa va placa la fotografiile macar la fel de mult cum mi-a placut mie in Irlanda.



On my second day in Killarney, my friend and I booked a tour, The Ring of Kerry. It was the longest of the four tours available. She has done it before with her boyfriend and they both loved it. The thing I was most enthusiastic for was the fact that we would stop by the ocean.

The weather forecast announced clear blue sky, even the lady at the hostel couldn’t believe how beautiful the weather was already in the morning.

Around 10:30 AM we all gathered at the bus station. Our tour guide and bus driver was amazing. Besides his great Irish accent and the many stories he told us on the tour, he told us many jokes as well. Jokes about Irish people and Americans because he noticed there were a lot of Americans on the bus, but they were very cool with that. Right in front of our seats there were two ladies from San Francisco.


During our first stops along the tour, we stopped by a shepherd. He, first, presented us a few of his sheep and then came the interesting part. He had two border collie dogs, well trained and he made us a demonstration of how he gets his sheep back from the hills with the help of one dog. Each dog was trained with his own set of orders. It was unbelievable how well trained the dogs were. I also find it stunning how the position of their bodies looked like the one of a wolf while hunting. I think it’s visible in one of the photos bellow.

Somewhere at the middle of the tour we got to the ocean. It had this Caribbean blue color. The bus driver told us we can take photos and tell our friends back home we were in the Caribbean Islands, they’ll never know we were actually in Ireland.

The entire tour was more than I imagined. I never thought I’d actually get to see the Atlantic Ocean. I feel really lucky, even now when I thinking back at those moments. And because it couldn’t go everything perfectly the bus broke almost at the end of the tour. So we had to wait for almost an hour for another bus to come and pick us up. According to the tour we should have made one more stop or two. We didn’t stop anymore ’cause we were late already. Still I am grateful for what I have seen and experienced that day.

My photographs are the living proof that the sun also shines in Ireland. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚



13 thoughts on “Parcul National Killarney II

  1. Wonderful post and photos Klaudia ๐Ÿ™‚ I always wanted to go to Ireland because all of the photos and movies I have seen show a lush green landscape. Maybe someday I will make the trip. While standing at the Atlantic if you were to look slightly southwest the next stop would have been New York ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s what the bus driver told us Joe, that we could almost wave to the people from NY :)) he was a very funny guy.
      You should make a trip someday, you’d love it ๐Ÿ˜€

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Wonderful landscape and great photos. I do really like them. And to see the border collies at work must have been really impressing. Have a nice day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Justin ๐Ÿ™‚

      That’s how I felt, that one trip was definitely not enough, but at least I could make an image of Ireland and I hope to go again some day, especially since I have friends over there.
      I hope you can make it someday as well, it’s worth it!

    1. Buna Eugen.

      Eu si prietena mea ne-am cazat in Killarney la un hostel si ne-am facut la receptia hostel-ului rezervarea pentru tur. Majoritatea hostel-urilor pe acolo se ocupa si sunt 4 variante de tur, Rink of Kerry fiind cel mai lung. A costat 18 euro si a durat undeva la 6-7 ore. Ce poti sa-ti mai spun este ca soferul care l-am prins noi a fost demential. Accent minunat irlandez si o multime de glume in program. Pe tot parcursul turului ne povestea incontinuu despre locurile prin care trecem.

      Cred ca se poate cumpra si online, dar nu as putea sa-ti spun sigur. Sper sa-ti fie de ajutor informatiile.

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