Accesorize your summer outfits

De cateva postari incoace v-am tot aratat fotografiile mele din Irlanda. Pentru a mai schimba putin aerul vreau sa va arat si ultimele fotografii facute prietenelor mele Mihaela si Smaranda.

Suntem in toiul verii iar Smaranda ne-a propus in ultimele ei postari pe The Street doua tinute lejere pentru diferite ocazii. Pe mine personal m-au incantat ambele, as purta asa ceva fie intr-o plimbare duminica fie la un suc pe o terasa intr-o seara de sambata.


Mihaela, de la Color your life a participat de curand la un eveniment in Timisoara ‘Show-Up! Accessorize your summer outfits‘. Am fost si eu prezenta pentru a face cateva fotografia iar impreuna cu Mihaela sa incercam sa le promovam pe fetele care au participat si au impartasit cu noi creatiile lor. In galeria de mai jos veti putea vedea fel si fel de accesorii deosebite, lucrate manual.

Multumiri! A fost o sambata plina de inspiratie!

Tourmaline Boutique
Bijoux By LD
Creativ Design by Kytty
Flowers In Your Hair
Happy bow ties by Rodica Dumitru
Atelier de creatie Biannchy
Color your life

Sevastia’s Book

GIO Studio



I left the english part at the end of my blog post (in case anyone scrolled down to check it out) because this post is mainly addressed to the local audience or those who read Romanian.

I was sharing Smaranda’s summer outfits for this summer. Two different outfits, but both beautiful and comfortable. She own the blog The Street.

My other friend Mihaela, attented two weeks ago an event in Timisoara: Show-Up! Accessorize your summer outfits 28 iunie . I was also there to take photographs, those are present in the second gallery. We had the chance to see all sort of gorgeous accessories that were hand-made by these talented young ladies. It was really inspiring to also watch them share their gift with us.


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