Up for Discussion – The Golden Ratio

Mie mi-a placut acest articol. In mare, stiam deja de regulile de compozitie, dar e placut sa stii si de unde provin, in ce alte domenii se folosesc.
Concluzia mea ar fi ca suntem cu totii facuti din aceeasi materie si e normal ca ochiul uman sa fie atras de acelasi tip de compozitie din care e creata si natura.


Today’s post is from Sarah Vercoe, I saw a post she had written on the Golden Ratio and I asked her if she would be interested in doing a post here to explain it to you.  I first heard about this at art school, though it was a little different, but the idea of the Golden Mean, and how some faces are considered more beautiful than others, and how the Golden Mean can be used to demonstrate it.  What Sarah is talking about is a little different and a lot more relevant to photography.

Composition with impact: Using the Golden Ratio in Photography

By Sarah Vercoe

Barn, Grand Teton NP

Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography, one that can make or break a photograph. A strong composition can give an ordinary subject appeal, just as poor composition can leave an otherwise appealing subject with no impact at all. The variety…

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