15 zile lucratoare

As putea incepe aceasta postare prin a va anunta ca pentru o perioada vor lipsi fotografiile din postarile mele. Va trebui sa verific ce mai am in dropbox, dar nu cred ca am pastrat mare lucru acolo.

M-am intors de cateva zile din concediu si spre marea mea uimire nu mi se mai aprindea laptop-ul. Fiind in garantie, l-am dus celor de la emag sa-l verifice, dar pentru ca nu au service in Timisoara a fost trimis la Bucuresti. Dureaza 15 zile lucratoare sa-l primesc inapoi. Mi-e teama ca mi se vor pierde toate fotografiile care le aveam pe laptop si nu am back-up pentru toate.

Astea fiind spuse, ati aflat si motivul pentru care a fost liniste la mine pe blog. Am fost plecata in concediu iar inainte de plecare am un program destul de incarcat si nu am mai avut vreme pentru pentruย  petrecut timpul pe blog.

Simt ca m-am intors cu forte proaspete asa ca sper sa se schimbe putin lucrurile.



Apologies for my absence lately, but I was away on holiday and although I had some internet access I wanted to be take some time off from all the usual things I normally do. The week before I left was also sort of busy with organizing stuff.

Sad thing is that by the time I came back and wanted to turn on my laptop I wasn’t able to. I plugged in the battery and everything but with no results. I bought it like 2 months ago so I took it back to the store to have it checked and they sent it to Bucharest to have it fixed. They said it will take 15 working days to have it back, so that means 3 weeks with no laptop, i’ll be using my boyfriend’s pc and tablet. This also means that my posts will not include photographs as all the material I had ready to post is on my laptop. I really hope it’s nothing severe and all the data that’s on my laptop will not be affected.

Meanwhile, I really feel relaxed after this vacation. I will tell you more in a future posts and maybe show you some unprocessed photos from my camera. Until then, I’ll follow up with all your posts and enjoy your work ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “15 zile lucratoare

  1. It’s fine to hear from you again and it’s really nice you have a relaxing holiday. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hab einen wunderbaren Tag.
    Sommerliche GrรผรŸe von der Ostsee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Welcome back! You achieved vacation success: relaxation and getting away from the stuff you normally do.
    Good luck with the laptop!

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