Vise in culorile curcubeului


M-am intalnit weekend-ul trecut cu prietena mea Smaranda de la The Street .

A venit impreuna cu fiica ei iar in timp ce le fotografiam, a trecut pe langa noi un cuplu de proaspat casatoriti cu un fotograf si un asistent. Ce ne-a atras atentia a fost buchetul imens de baloane.

Smaranda i-a rugat frumos sa ni-l imprumute pentru fetita iar aceasta e cea mai reusita ipostaza. Am alterat putin culorile pentru a da o nota de ‘lumea viselor’ fotografiei.

Fiecare balon reprezinta o dorinta, un vis. Nu reusim intotdeauna sa tinem frangia stransa pentru fiecare balon. Unele ne scapa si le urmarim cu privirea cum se inalta spre cer pana cand nici nu le mai zarim.

Eu mai am cateva baloane colorate de care sunt foarte atasata.


I have met last weekend with my friend Smaranda from The Street.

I wanted to photograph her and she brought her daughter too. While we were playing around to get her daughter feel more comfortable as well a just married coupled arrived at the scene with their own photographer and an assistant. What caught our attention was that they had this huge bouquet of balloons which we asked for a minutes to use in our photographs.

One the best shots is this photograph of Smaranda’s daughter. I like the determitation of her walking and how she’s dragging the balloons after her. It’s like each balloon si representing a dream. We need to hold tight to them and move forward to fulfill them. We don’t always manage to keep them all. Sometimes we let go of some and watch them fly towards the sky until they dissapear for good.

I still have a few colorful balloons attached and intend to make them come true.


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