Blarney Castle – Irlanda (partea a doua)


Am ajuns si la ultima bucata a vacantei mele in Irlanda odata cu instalarea toamnei. E frig si ploua de doua zile. Ma gandesc uneori ca pentru Irlanda e perfect normal si nimeni nu se plange de lucrul acesta.

Eu ma consider norocoasa pentru vremea excelenta in timpul sederii mele acolo. In ultima postare legata de Irlanda v-am povestit de Blarney Castle si gradinile minunate din imprejurimi. Din cauza numarului mare de fotografii a trebuit sa impart in doua fotografiile iar acum va voi arata a doua jumatate.

Ma mai uit uneori peste fotografii si nu-mi vine sa cred ca am fost acolo, ca am vazut oceanul, ca am vizitat locatii pe care nici in vise nu mi le imaginam. Poate ma repet, dar ma risc, si va mai spun odata ca e o tara minunata si oameni foarte simpatici. Am ramas foarte placut impresionata si chiar imi doresc in decursul vietii mele sa ma mai intorc acolo.

Nu va mai retin. Sper sa va bucurati de fotografii πŸ™‚


I know I promised you the last part of my photographs from my trip to Ireland. These would be the photos from Blarney Castle and it’s gorgeous surroundings. It’s been raining in Romania for the last 2 days and I can only think about the fact that for the people living in Ireland this is totally normal. I am not a fan on rain, unless I’m inside enjoying a good book.

Though I might repeat myself, I need to say this again: I’ve been impressed by Ireland, honestly. Wonderful country and wonderful people. I really hope I’ll go back one day and see more of it.

I will not keep you up longer, enjoy the photographs.


10 thoughts on “Blarney Castle – Irlanda (partea a doua)

  1. I still can’t believe that such a place exists, and that you have visit it. It looks like a fairy tail story. Lovely shots my dear,and consider yourself a very lucky person for being there. πŸ™‚

  2. I love your photos of Ireland!! You are welcome to check out mine too! I was there in September- and to Blarney Castle!! Thank you for sharing the beauty. You’ve captured it so well!

  3. Ireland and it’s people are astounding, aren’t they?!
    Thanks a million for sharing all those beautiful impressions, Klaudia. πŸ™‚
    The picture of the robin reminded me of the robin who greeted us when we visited Glendalough, last time.
    Much love,

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