Nature is speaking #NatureIsSpeaking

Sunt foarte multe campanii care incurajeaza energia regenabila, care sustin incalzirea globala, insa am impresia ca nu toate sunt si foarte bine realizate.

E foarte important ca cel care citeste sau asculta sa simta in adancul sufletului ca ceva nu e in regula cu felul in care traim, cu indiferenta care o avem fata de tot ce ne inconjoara, fata de mandria noastra ca specie.

Suntem inteligenti, am trecut peste vremuri grele, am construit lucruri marete, am inventat masini si tehnologii la care oamenii de acum 100 de ani nu visau. Poate citeau despre ele in aventurile lui Jules Verne. Ceea ce nu realizam, este ca nu vom reusi sa construim alta planeta, sa creeam rauri sau oxigen.

Va invit sa vizitati site-ul si sa vizionati cele 5 ‘povesti’, 5 video-uri scurte in care natura ne vorbeste.




I have seen so far a lot of campaigns about global warming and climate change, that sustain green energy, but only few of them were really good. Yesterday I came across a brilliant one. They have put together a series of short films, using voices of famous people, in which nature is speaking to us. I think it’s quite terrifying what nature is telling us and we don’t even realize it.

We, as human beings, are incredibly intelligent. We’ve created robots and advanced technologies in the last 100 years that people in the past were not even dreaming of. But look around us and notice were all of these technologies have brought us to.

We’re so indifferent with one another, we merely care about our neighbors. How should we expect to care about this planet we call Home? Ironic, right? The more we build, the more we destroy. It’s actually an act of self-destroy.

Please visit and watch all 5 movies. Hopefully, we’ll start being more aware of nature. Because we need nature.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Quote by Margaret Mead.



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