Snow scapes

I was eager to try out my new lens on some landscape photographs, so this past Sunday my boyfriend and I went for a drive to visit a monastery and it was the perfect opportunity to take my gear with me.

It started snowing heavily at the middle of our journey. Most of the photographs are black & white as I thought they look better with all the snow covering everything in it’s way. At some point the sky was very grey and getting dark, you’ll notice that in some of the photographs.

The landscape all white and with snow falling…it looked fantastic. I will not keep you up anymore, enjoy the photos!

IMG_9324 watermark small
hay covered with snow
IMG_9203 watermark small
trees lined up
IMG_9211 watermark small
Trees covered in snow and darkness
IMG_9215 watermark small
smoking chimney
IMG_9223 watermark small
snowing like in fairytales
IMG_9236 watermark small
trees lined up2
IMG_9318 watermark small
The most beautiful tree
IMG_9321 watermark small
light spreads out
IMG_9252 watermark small
almost frozen snow

7 thoughts on “Snow scapes

  1. First I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! May it be exciting and pretty good for you. I like your snowy photos. The hay bails in the first one looks like some Norwegian trolls. Have a lovely day! πŸ˜‰

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