I keep saying to myself that I need to dedicate a little more time to this blog. I care about it and don’t want to let it become dusty and forget about it over time.

It is my third attempt on keeping such a blog active. At least, from time to time active.

What I mostly enjoyed was my DeviantArt account, which I still have, but I’m no longer an active member there. I used to have a subscription as well, so I would write at least once a week journal posts, promoting other photographs and their work and also showcasing my own photos.

It was a lovely time, but once I got a job and things started to get busier in my real life, well, deviantart had to go almost to the bottom of my list of priorities.

Through photographs, one can express many things. One can let go of words, drop them on the ground and only hold up the photograph. People will understand something out of it. Still, often I liked using a few words to guide the viewer towards that place or feeling. I think this is the reason why I came to using quotes on my photographs. Though it might have become a cheesy thing to do, but I’m not photographing for any specific reason, but for my own soul.

I was in the mall the other day with my boyfriend and we passed near a small photography exhibition which I noticed. As was looking through the window, without wanting to stop by, he said in a very confident way that one day he’ll see my photograph in such an exhibition as well.

I smiled 🙂

Dream no small dreams

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  1. I love the quote you used! You have to make some time for things you like, for your soul! I agree with what Calin said, some day you’ll have more than a blog with picture. You have to believe and pursue your talent and dreams!:) You are an artist, strange you are not a weirdo!:))))

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