April habits

I was just thinking about my photos taken during the Spring season. They are always about the same flowers, more or less. On some occasions I have even photographed my two friends I keep telling you about: Smaranda and Mihaela.

Still, I feel lame at times because every year I have this itching sensation I want to photograph more and more flowers, all the flowers. It doesn’t matter if last year I was in the same park, at the same tree. Probably the light wasn’t the same. That would be a point in my favor.

I also don’t want to bore people. Although, I’m not sure if they do remember what I posted last year.

Another wonderful thing that I love about Spring are the cloud formations. They change from Winter to Spring, they become more dramatic . Two days ago I witnessed my first drama-clouds, they looked like a heavy storm was on our way, but the wind was blowing pretty hard so it took them away.

Since I got to the end of my post, I’ll let you enjoy or get bored with some Spring photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring's first flowers
Spring’s first flowers
soft Spring beauty
Nature's miracle
Natures far to subtle..
Blooming flower
Blooming flower
in bloom
in bloom
pink is the color of Spring
Flowers in a vase
Spring in full view
Spring in full view

12 thoughts on “April habits

  1. I don’t think you are boring at all. As you said, even if for us, all are flowers, you see that the light is different, you see more deeply, because you’re an artist! I really love the quote you wrote! Nice shots as always!:)

  2. You can never get someone bored with flowers (or the positive vibe they send). There’s nothing more fragile and ephemeral than this gentle things like spring flowers or positive feelings.

  3. Klaudia, flowers and plants are among the most beautiful objects to witness and photograph…along with sunsets and sunrises. Your images are excellent and your subjects intriguing to view. Keep up the ‘boring’ work. Ha!

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