In search of Sunrise

A few days after my previous post I had a day off. This happened on a Friday. I woke quite early as my boyfriend had to leave for work before 7AM. I made myself some coffee and went out on the balcony. While I sit there thinking on the long day ahead of me (had lots of plans, stuff to buy, packing, etc.) I noticed the sun coming up from behind the building I live in. It was a beautiful, magical light so I immediately started thinking on how to take advantage of this gift.

I decided to get dressed and to the nearest park, which is right across the street. What I discovered there was unbelievable. I had been in that park many times before, but at this time of day. Birds were singing from everywhere and flying around. I haven’t seen so many in a park in the city before. Of course I was walking slowly trying not to make much noise.

The light was delightfully caressing the leaves, nature was waking up in this beautiful scenery before me.

Since people here seemed to enjoy my last post with spring photos, here is another series bathed in the soft light of sunrise.


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