Timisoara in October light

Before I present you my photographs from my trip to New York I will share with you some photos I did this morning.

I really missed going for a walk and photographing whatever crosses my path, anything that I might wake my interest. I started early in the morning, right before 8 am and went in the park. I was hoping to spot some birds. Unfortunately, they were still hiding between leaves.

Once the started to warm the trees, I could get some nice shots of some flowers, leaves and all sort of plants. I basically played around with morning light. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of subjects so I left the park behind me and decided to wander through the city streets.

There’s this part of Timisoara which is still under renovation, an entire part of the city center. Since I am to shy to photograph random people on the street with their face turned to me, I tried to sneak around and take photographs from the take or sideways. Some of them turned out to be quite good.

The last part of this morning’s wandering was a stop right in center of Timisoara where I noticed pigeons playing in the water. Some of them caught my attention as you’ll see in my photos bellow.

Hope you’ll enjoy πŸ™‚


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