New York – Cityscapes (I)

Happy New Year to all followers! I hope you had a good start into 2016!

I’m back with lots of plans for 2016, desires and wishes.  Since 2013 I started doing a sort of bucket list on Jan 1st. It’s quite interesting to look back, see how many of the items from the list have been accomplished, what’s left and write down the new wishes I have. I don’t even remember anymore all the things I write down.

Last year in September, I was in New York (business reasons) and because it got quite busy for me before the end of the year I didn’t got a chance to share with you the photographs I made during my 3 weeks in NY.

I did not travel to any other state, but I must say that as a city, besides the skyscrapers, I wasn’t really impressed, though I was hoping to be. Overall, it was a unique experience which I’ll never forget. Everything is different there from what I was used to see, feel and know.  The food tastes different, people have a different mind-set.

I’ll let now the photos also speak for themselves. This first part is all about cityscapes and I’ll share with you in a second post more nature related photos.





6 thoughts on “New York – Cityscapes (I)

  1. Klaudia, your photos are excellent, and clearly you were able to see much of the city. I do like the composition and angle of many of the images, and the shots from across the water are great.
    I’m curious … what were you expecting and how did NYC not impress as much as you hoped?
    I’ve only been to the city a couple times, and it appears that you saw a whole lot more than I did

    1. Thank you very much for commenting 🙂

      I don’t know if I was expecting something in particular, it was more the fact that it’s such a huge difference between USA and Europe. Architecture, food, stores, people. It’s all too much, too much of everything: too much food, stores, lights, buildings (it’s probably how it’s supposed to be, after all it’s NY :)) ) and I have to say that it’s not the cleanest city in the world 😉

      I am also a more nature lover and I like cities which are either very old and have a history which you can see from the buildings or which are not so cramped.

      As an overall experience it was great and I don’t regret it, but it’s not a place I would return because I feel I’d love to see it again.

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