Today’s inspiration

I was inspired today by the song I shared bellow. It has such a strong vibe, it wakes you up, makes you want to change something in today’s world. Stop the clock ’cause the direction we’re going towards isn’t bright at all, wind it up again and perhaps start new. Rise from the situation we ran into, learn from the experience and do things better.


Focus on the small, but important, details of life. That’s one of my wishes for 2016.


(image is Day 195  from my 365 Days of Photography in 2012)



3 thoughts on “Today’s inspiration

  1. Thank you for this inspiring post, dear Klaudia!
    I could not agree more and love the photo you shared. ❤
    (Great music choice – all songs by or featuring Andreas Bourani that I have heard up to now are inspiring!)
    Much love,

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