This website was recommended to me by a colleague from work and I find it very useful (in case you’re a book lover). You can create to-read lists, see what other people are reading and based on the books you’ve already read the website will show you different suggestions on what you might want to read in the future.

They also give you the possibility to have a “currently reading” list which you can update with the progress you make. And, of course, you can rate books and write reviews.

What I mostly like about this is that I have all my read books in a list somewhere because I used to write down the books I read and lost those pieces of paper. Unfortunately, my memory is not so good to keep in mind all the Jules Verne books I read 12-14 years ago.

Bellow is my latest review, though I read this book long time ago (6years). You might also want to navigate to and take a look at what they offer you.


Sophie's WorldSophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. It was recommended by a friend and in 4-5 days I was through with it – even though I also had an exam during that time. It’;s one of those books that you take with you to the bathroom and walk on the street with your nose in it and reading a few lines while also watching your steps.
I had very little knowledge on what philosophy means and was completely absorbed by the details from this book. Since then I read other books from Jostein and loved each of them.



(image is Day 90  from my 365 Days of Photography in 2012)

2 thoughts on “Goodreads

  1. I’ve heard about Goodreads, but since it’s mostly in English, I don’t use it. But I like the idea of this site. And it’s really funny that I didn’t like Sophie’s World. I read it in my twenties as the book was first published in the nineties. I couldn’t end it because it was too boring for me. I couldn’t understand the hype around this book. But everyone has a different liking. 😉

    1. After I read it I recommend it to a lot of people and funny cause none of them was so enthusiastic about as I was. So I agree with you, everyone has a different liking.

      For me it was a revelation in the sense that I finally understood how all literature trends were born, were they came from, how they were formed and how all life was actually influenced, not only literature. I used to find it absurd in school how those writers were writing in different styles and wasn’t able to understand the reason..until Sophie’s World 🙂

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